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Our membership process

Are you interested in joining church membership at Central Baptist Church Pretoria? That's great! This article tells you the route to take and how to get started.
When you go on a journey it is always good to know the route. How the membership journey will unfold. We start with membership classes. Over a few weeks, we will introduce candidates to our church. And prepare them for a conversation with one of our elders.
Week 1: Who are we? Who are we? We want you to know upfront all about us. And so we tell you about our intent, ethos and partnerships. As well as our ministries, missionaries, staff, elders and campuses.
Week 2: What do we believe? We want you to know what we teach. As a church, we unite around a written summary of biblical truth. It clarifies the doctrines we hold to as a church community.
Week 3: What we do? We expect our church members to pray for the good of our assembly and attend Sunday services. We serve one another as the Spirit has gifted us. We give as we are able. We attend church business meetings and invite our family and friends to church.
Week 4: What is a baptist? What makes us as baptists distinct from other churches? We are protestant. We are evangelical. And we hold to 7 Baptist principles.
Week 5: What is my next step? We want members to be well connected and functional in our church. We explain how to download our app. How to join a small group Bible study. How to join a prayer meeting. How to serve in a ministry. And how to fill in the digital membership application form.
Week 6: What is baptism? Not baptised yet? Baptism is a requirement for church membership (we are a baptist church after all). This is an optional week about believer baptism for those who aren't yet baptised.
You then fill in a member application form (https://central-baptist.churchcenter.com/people/forms/157423).
We arrange a conversation with an elder and a church member. We hold to regenerate church membership. And so we want to hear your salvation testimony. And ask questions about how you've grown spiritually. The elder may commend you to the church council or link you up with a church member for discipleship.
Our church council approves qualified candidates.
If necessary we baptise candidates at a Sunday service.
We welcome new members at a communion service.
Our next round of membership classses starts on Sunday the 16th. To register follow a link below: