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Twenty five years ago Pastor D Macpherson and members of the Central Baptist Church in Pretoria had a vision.  They glimpsed a future day when older members and others would be cared for in their old age. The vision was that healthy, active retirees would be able to buy into a cottage with a garden. As circumstances and perhaps health needs required, the person or couple would be able to downsize to a smaller cottage or a flat or bedsitter. If greater health needs dictated, semi-frail or frail care facilities, would also be available. All this without residents being required to leave the complex or the community in which they had been involved. This vision was realized in the building of Glenhaven.

The church prayed. The women talked! Pastor Macpherson together with Dr Charles Boyce and the Diaconate planned. Initially they established a Welfare organisation known as the Central Baptist Welfare Association (CEBACWAS).

Through the contacts and efforts of Dr Boyce, a large plot of land was purchased in Garsfontein.  This property was bordered by Jacqueline, Annette van Zyl and Trevor Gething Streets.  With gifts and a loan of R1 800 000 from Government sources, Peter Hattingh an architect, aided by Mr David Cowan who was a CSIR expert in designs of frail care facilities, Glenhaven was built. Mr Patrick McEnery officially opened the complex on the 27thApril 1985.

The first residents were Dr and Mrs Chris Parnell, who took up residence in March 1984. They bought life rights to one of the cottages. In December Mr Alton Mills was appointed as Manager. Mrs Val Nowlan and Mrs Margaret Loots were the first administration staff members and Sister Jean Kirkwood the first Matron of the Frail Care Unit.

Accommodation was always insufficient, so in 1987 the land adjacent to the existing buildings and bordered by Atterbury Road, Jacqueline and Trevor Gething Streets was purchased and more cottages built.

On the 1st December 1986 the firm Valley Farm (Pty) Ltd. sold the Bachelors Hotel in Pretorius Street to CEBACWAS for the sum of R 300.00 provided that it be transformed into a retirement centre which was named Rosendal.

On the 31st May 1995 the developer Leonidas Kazantzas transferred Haven Village, which he had built on the corner of  Emmie Hartmann and Keeshond Streets, Garsfontein, to Haven Village Trust.>

In 2005 Glenhaven Frail Care Unit was upgraded through the generosity of the Ken Droste Trust and renamed The Ken Droste Care Unit.

Today about 450 elderly folk are cared for in the three centres.

In 2006 a survey conducted by Pretoria News established that Glenhaven was the best retirement centre in the area.

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