Central Baptist Church Pretoria

Central Baptist Church Pretoria
One church on two campuses


Live Streaming

During the lockdown Sunday service will be live streamed at 9am.
Bible study will be live streamed on Wednesdays at 7pm.

Choose either the video or an audio stream below.

If you are listening to the audio stream you will hear silence or very low volume while songs or readings are being played. In order to hear these please switch to the video stream for the duration of the songs.

Audio 1 Audio 2

How much data do I need for video?

Once you launch the video stream you can adjust the quality to use less data. Click on the settings icon in the lower right corner of the video. 144p is the lowest setting and will use about 30-90 MB in an hour.

The audio only version will use very little data.

Recordings after the service

Audio recordings of the service will be published below within an hour of the service finishing.

A video recording of the service will be published to our YouTube channel within two hours of the service finishing.

The Potters Hand - Gareth Simpson
1 Samuel 22:1-5
Duration: 33:55 | 3.88 Mb
From desperation to praise - Gareth Simpson
1 Samuel 21
Duration: 33:14 | 3.80 Mb
What is your foundation? - John Nolan
Matt 7
Duration: 25:24 | 2.91 Mb
The Lord's Supper - Charles De Kiewit
1 Cor 11:17-34
Duration: 30:15 | 3.47 Mb
Jesus asks a question - Charles De Kiewit
Duration: 33:54 | 3.88 Mb
God's will - Gareth Simpson
1 Samuel 20
Duration: 43:10 | 4.94 Mb
Parenting is a doing word - Charles De Kiewit
Proverbs 29:15
Duration: 34:14 | 3.92 Mb
David's Fortress - Gareth Simpson
1 Samuel 19
Duration: 28:18 | 3.24 Mb
The Greatest Command - Charles De Kiewit
Mark 12 :28
Duration: 33:37 | 3.85 Mb